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I’m Amanda, a Scottish potter & textile artist, currently living in Abu Dhabi with my husband, daughter and our collection of animals!

My journey as an artist has been varied over the years, but in the last few years, I have really found my voice in the work that I do.

Since leaving Art School in 2001, my creative work was put aside while I focused on working in a career in Human Resources. When my husband and I moved to Singapore in 2014, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and began to re-discover my love of colour and working with my hands. I picked up weaving, making heavily textured wall-hangings and I quickly picked up hand-spinning yarn. By 2020, I was spinning and selling yarn as a full-time small business, with my daughter at home.

My success as a textile artist in the last few years gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of making ceramics and in 2022, just after my 40th birthday I took the plunge and took some lessons at a local ceramics studio. I quickly bought a wheel and a kiln, turning my textile studio on it’s head and set up a space where I could work on my pottery full-time.

As an artist, my work has always been heavily inspired by nature

Predominantly by wild flowers & the Scottish hillsides and I travel home to Scotland from Abu Dhabi, where I live, as often as I can. It’s important to me that my daughter experiences as much of her Scottish heritage as she can and it is equally important to me to ‘refuel’ my creativity and inspiration.

Photography has been a keen passion of mine since a very young age and I actually use it now as a way to experiment with colours, styling, textures and shapes, almost like an artist might use a sketch book. I find it useful to have a creative hobby that I can ‘play’ with before getting to ‘work’ in the studio. I love finding ways to incorporate and translate the romance of florals & dappled sunlight into my work.


Working on a ‘small batch’ scale has always been important to me in more ways than one. It helps me retain my independence as a creative, it helps me stay flexible when balancing my other life-commitments and most importantly, lets me keep quality at the forefront of anything I put out into your hands!