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Everything you need to know


What kind of clay do you use?

I typically work with porcelain and white stoneware. In addition, I recycle all of my waste clay and use that for special batches. If clay is mixed/recycled, this is always noted in the listing.

How is the item made?

I use a variety of ceramics techniques to complete my items, including wheel-throwing and hand-building. Each piece is typically fired in my kiln 2-3 times and is glazed with food-safe ceramic glazes. Each piece takes around 2 weeks to complete.

Is the clay waterproof/food safe?

Yes, my items are fired in my own kiln to full maturity & are food-safe and water-tight. Any item that is not, i.e. an item that is intended for decoration only, this will be specified in the listing.


Before vases & plant-pots are listed, I test them by leaving water sitting in them for 24hrs, to ensure there is no seepage. And for other types of items, such as mugs and bowls I check to ensure there are no flaws with the glaze on the inside of the piece and I spot check each batch with a boiling water test*, to check for spontaneous cracking.


*I do not recommend pouring freshly boiling water directly into a piece of handmade ceramics, without at least gently warming the item first with non-boiling hot water. If you do wish to pour boiling water straight into a mug, please make sure it is sitting on a stable surface and you are not holding it. There is always a small risk of thermal shock
and an item may crack and spill under extreme stress.

Is the gold on my item real?

Yes! The 22k Gold is applied in liquid form to the finished piece and fired in the kiln to fix it in place. It is very durable, although I recommend handling gold items with care and handwashing them.

Is my item safe to go in the dishwasher ormicrowave?

Most items are safe to go in the
dishwasher, I put my own mugs in the dishwasher frequently. However, if you want to preserve the vibrancy of the colour of your piece, you may prefer to handwash it.


I do not recommend heating items in the microwave, due to the risk of uneven heating, which can lead to cracks.


Items with 22k Gold should NEVER be placed in the microwave and should be handwashed.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! I ship everywhere! I try my best to ensure my international shipping rates stay as low as possible and that each country is covered. If you are trying to check out and find your country is not listed, please contact me so I can assist.

How long does shipping take?

Within the UAE & nearby Gulf region, shipping will take 2-4 days, depending on holidays, weekends etc. International shipping typically takes around 10 days, although it is generally a lot faster. If you are local to me, we can always arrange in-person collection.


I always dispatch orders as soon as they are ready to go and if there is a delay for any reason, I will let you know as soon as I can. Pre-orders and ‘made to order’ items will have a longer dispatch time than ready-to-ship items and this will always be clearly communicated. You will always have a tracking link to check the progress of your package, once it has been collected by my courier.


Please note, International Shipping is done via air-freight and my items travel thousands of miles to reach you. I package everything as carefully as I possibly can, taking every measure possible to ensure it reaches you safely. However, these packages can sometimes be mis-handled during their journey and accidents can happen. If the worst has happened, please keep all packaging and take lots of photos/videos, so I can recoup from my courier and I will always make the situation right with you.

Do I have to pay VAT/Customs charges for an international order?

The customer will always be responsible for payment of any customs charges applied at the point of entry to the country. As
a small business in the UAE, I do not charge VAT or tax on any of the items I sell. If you have any questions about this, please contact me and I will do my best to help.

Can I return an item?

I would hope that you would never want to! But, I will consider returns on a case-case basis. I always want you to be 100% happy with your purchase, so if there is anything concerning you, please reach
out so we can put it right.


Personalised/Custom orders may not be returned unless damaged in transit, or fundamentally faulty.